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RUDROSS is an English niche perfume brand inspired by modernity and by moments that are created here and now.

The world is changing. It is constantly in motion. You can inevitably find many styles, ideas, and passions around. Inspired by modern youth trends, RUDROSS created a brand that reflects the diversity of the modern person in perfume compositions.

The name is dedicated to the brand creator's children and comes from their names Rudy and Rossel.

RUDROSS combines the quality sound of aromatic stories and accessibility for the modern generation. Based in Manchester, the brand has brought together talented perfumers who have turned the idea into reality. Our collections are the result of modern personality's versatility.

Minimalistic bottle design and packaging. We prioritize a minimalist approach, ensuring that we don't overwhelm your visual perception. Our inspiration for the design of our products is rooted in simplicity and elegance.

Minimalism in design conceals the versatility of fragrance compositions.

Environmentally friendly production and components. We care deeply about nature, and as a result, we prioritize eco-friendly materials in the production of our packaging. Furthermore, all the components used in our perfume compositions are exclusively natural.

We care about the environment, so we only use eco-friendly materials in the production of our packaging.

Youth-oriented. At the core of our brand lies the vibrant essence of youth. We capture the elements of popular interests and lifestyles in our fragrances. We believe in making our perfumes accessible to all, which is why we maintain a moderate pricing policy. This enables everyone to enrich their fragrance collection with our exquisite perfumes

Our goal is to foster love for perfumery among young people, allowing everyone to find their own olfactory reflection.

Long-lasting fragrance trail. The fragrances of our brand will delight you with their vibrant notes for a long time.

 The longevity of the fragrance will delight you with its vibrant notes for an extended period of time.


Цель и задача RUDROSS


RUDROSS is an aromatic synthesis of current activities, emotions, and the lifestyle of young people. The fragrances emphasize bright individuality, which is inherent in everyone from birth, encourage people not to stop on the way to their dream, lift mood and bring unforgettable emotions.

In 2023, three collections named Passion, Character, and Style were launched, inspired by the versatility of everyone. Perfumers managed to recreate an aromatic “energy” for the most demanding customer.

RUDROSS's goal and task are to develop a love of perfumery among the modern generation and help find their fragrant “self.” The brand adheres to the concept of minimalism in product design, behind which hides the vastness of the compositions' sound.

For RUDROSS, caring for nature is essential, so perfumes and their packaging are made from eco-friendly materials. All brand fragrances are unisex compositions and are not gender-specific. All products are released in EDP (Eau de Parfum) concentration.

«RUDROSS - The art of being yourself. Our fragrances are inspired by each of YOU»


Увлечение (Summer rain, Monkey, Mineral, Proud) – невозможно жить, не имея любимого занятия. Коллекция поможет отвлечься от рутинных дел. Она создана для наслаждения отдыхом и настроя только на положительные эмоции.

Passion is an essential part of our lives, as it is impossible to imagine existence without a favorite hobby.

Our collection helps bring your hobby into aromatic perception.

Created for leisure and enjoyment, our fragrances are designed to evoke exclusively positive emotions.

Which hobbies made it into this 2023 collection?

SUMMER RAIN ˗ Photography: the ability to see beauty through the lens.

MONKEY ˗ Fine art: a creative, multifaceted talent accessible to gifted individuals.

MINERAL ˗ Psychology: the ability to analyze personalities, seek answers to life situations, and understand others.

SAFARITraveling: Adventures You Create Yourself.

OUT OF RICH - Poetry  Profound, intimate thoughts and feelings expressed with pen and paper.

WHITE MOUNTAINS - Mountaineerin: Ascending mountain peaks and overcoming obstacles.

Коллекция Характер

Character is our most versatile and intricate collection, narrating the stories of different personalities. Sport is the topic.

COZY -Yoga: to expands the boundaries of what is possible. Inspired by the millennia-old practice of achieving harmony between the spiritual and material, we capture the Zen of the entire world in a bottle.

ONE MORE TIME – Hiking: indescribable beauty surrounding a person. It fills life with meaning and vibrant colors.

PROUD - Running: determination in sports. It is dedicated to the most active and ambitious individuals who, through hard work, are willing to reach any heights and discover new possibilities.

MEGA MONEY - Investor: The life of an investor is a quest for both thrill and profit, akin to an exhilarating roller coaster ride.

Стиль (Thai mango, good neighbor) – данная коллекция посвящена не менее важному аспекту нашей жизни. Фешен индустрия включает в себя одежду, аксессуары, цветовые решения и даже прическу. Каждая мелочь выражает модные тенденции современного мира, а наши ароматы ярко подчеркнут эти знания!

Style is a collection dedicated to an equally important aspect of our lives. We showcase our style through clothing, accessories, color choices, and even hairstyles. Every detail expresses the fashion trends of the modern world, and our fragrances vividly highlight this knowledge!

THAI MANGO - Blogging: Social media presence is now essential for everyone in the modern world. However, the direction in which a blog develops is solely determined by the author. The author is the master of their own life!

GOOD NEIGHBOR - Fashion: Everyday casual. It’s just as comfortable, effortlessly sounding, and unrestrictive in its aroma. It is a true pleasure to wear it.

ROAD TO PARADISE - Glamour: Elegance, sparkle, and gloss. Polished sophistication. This perfume accessory enhances your dazzling image. Inside the bottle, you will find echoes of fashion, show business, and the scent of luxurious living. Complete your vibrant look with this fragrance!

CITRUS MOLECULE - Architecture: A choice for young individuals who blend artistic thinking with an engineering approach. A new classical style that emphasizes modernity and status.


Rudross Manchester LLC
Rudross Manchester LLC
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Find us on social media:
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